What is LEAF?

LEAF is a plug-n-plant™ system that automatically grows a variety of plants and food and is controlled by your smartphone. Think of it as a beautiful mini fridge that stocks itself with high quality, pesticide free, plants and food.

What plants can I grow with LEAF?

LEAF is perfect for growing a diverse range of plants, including various herbs, vegetables, and ornamental plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, mint, basil, spinach, and more. Our grow recipe database is continuously expanding with contributions from our dedicated community members and staff growers!

How long is a typical grow cycle?

A typical grow cycle is 3-4 months. Depending on what you’re growing, grow recipe, and if you started from seed or clone.

How many plants can LEAF grow inside at one time?

LEAF was designed to maximize the potential of one large plant. We recommend growing one at a time to make it easier to manage.

Does LEAF have a locking mechanism?

LEAF has a built-in magnetic locking mechanism that is controlled from the LEAF app. There is also a manual key lock on your LEAF.

What are the dimensions of LEAF?

LEAF’s dimensions are currently 28” x 28” x 65”.

What is the weight of LEAF?

LEAF weighs 265 lbs and has wheels to be able to move the device.

What is included with my LEAF purchase?

With your purchase you will receive the LEAF unit and all of its hardware. You will also receive:

  • One batch of nutrients and pH down

  • Carbon filter

  • Net Pot

  • Clay pebble (Hydroton) growing media

  • Rockwool Cube

  • pH and Conductivity calibration solutions

  • SCROG Net

  • Root Armor


Is shipping included?

Shipping is not included. Shipping will be calculated based on your location and payment will be collected prior to shipping.

What are the shipping options available?

Basic by Appointment - The shipping company will deliver the unit to your front door, back door, or garage. You will be responsible for moving it from there.

Premium White Glove - The shipping company will bring the unit into your home, place it in your desired room (up or down one story), and remove the packaging (with your consent).

Both options include:

  • Morning or evening 2-hour delivery window of your choice

  • Full shipment tracking and visibility with a tracking number

  • Proactive notifications via text or email for appointment scheduling, day of delivery, and 30 minutes prior to arrival

Do you ship internationally?

Initially we will be shipping to the USA and Canada. We are currently working on international distribution partnerships to be able to ship worldwide. If you are interested in becoming an international distributor please fill out this form.

What is the LEAF Payment Plan?

If you choose to leave a deposit today, we will offer a payment plan on the balance. The payment plan will be supplied via a third party and interest rates will depend on credit score and other factors determined by the third party. You will have the choice of 3, 6, and 12 equal payments on the balance.

Where do I buy seeds/seedlings for LEAF?

Seeds or clones are not included with LEAF, but you can find clones and seeds at local nurseries. A number of online companies also sell seeds and clones.

Does LEAF come with a warranty?

LEAF includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please check out our Warranty Policy

Can I return my LEAF if I am not satisfied with it?

Like most large appliances,  LEAF is Non-Returnable/Non-Refundable after receipt of shipment due to high shipping and fulfillment costs. However your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we will always work with you in good faith to resolve any issues you are having.
Unauthorized returns, as well as C.O.D. shipments, will be refused.


How much electricity does LEAF use?

LEAF has a peak power usage of 770W and uses an average of 350W, mainly depending on how much the air control system needs to work to heat / cool / dehumidify your grow area. For average use your LEAF will use between 200-250 kWh per month. In California that translates to about $40-$50 of electricity per month, in Colorado that translates to about $20-$25 per month. In a normal use case, you would spend this much or more just to heat or cool your grow room or tent.

What is the working temperature of LEAF?

For LEAF to work properly it must be used indoors in ambient temperatures between 59-86°F (15-30°C).

How much water does LEAF use?

LEAF has a 6 gallon water tank and a 1.2 gallon humidifier tank. You will replace the water in the water tank once per week and top up water as necessary in both the water tank and humidifier during the week. At later stages there will be more top ups of the

water tank needed than earlier stages. For comparison, A typical shower uses about 17 gallons of water.

By the way, if connected to City Water mode the water changes, and top ups of both the water tank and humidifier are fully automated!

What operating systems does LEAF work with?

LEAF is currently compatible with iOS 14.8 and up, and recommended with iPhone 12 and newer. We expect the Android app to be released Q3 of 2023.

How do I change the water in LEAF?

Your LEAF system offers two water modes for managing water levels and changes in your device: Manual Water Mode and City Water Mode. Each mode has different requirements and procedures for maintaining optimal water conditions for your plants.

In Manual Water Mode, you will need to regularly top up the water in the water tank and humidifier, as well as perform water changes for your LEAF system.

  • Topping up the water tank and humidifier: Expect to refill the water tank and humidifier every couple of days, although this may vary depending on the growth stage and local weather conditions. Your LEAF system will notify you when it requires a water top-up or when the humidifier needs refilling. It is essential to monitor the humidifier levels closely, especially during the early stages of your plant's growth when it requires higher humidity levels.

  • Water changes (Drain): For water changes, place the drain pipe in a container with a minimum capacity of 5 gallons. The device will remove water in increments, stopping about halfway to prevent the container from being too heavy to move and risking spillage. You will need to perform 2-3 draining trips like this before the water is completely drained from the system.

When using City Water Mode, connect your LEAF system to the city water supply using the provided water line and attach the drain hose to a drain. The system will automatically top up water in the reservoir and humidifier as needed and perform water changes fully automatically each week.

What are the water pressure requirements for the LEAF system?

LEAF is designed to operate with water pressures of 30-80 psi. It is crucial to ensure your water pressure falls within this range for the proper functioning and longevity of your LEAF device.

Typical household water pressures are between 30-80 psi, which aligns with the requirements for LEAF. However, it's important to note that water pressures above 80 psi are not up to code and can potentially damage your LEAF device over time, leading to malfunctions and messes.

To safeguard your LEAF system and ensure optimal performance, please verify that your water pressure is within the recommended 30-80 psi range before installation and use.

What maintenance is required when using LEAF?

Your LEAF requires very little maintenance. You will need to change the water once a week (in Manual mode), top up water in the water reservoir and humidifier as needed, replace the nutrient cartridges and air filter (typically every 3-4 months), and calibrate the sensors once per grow (step by step instructions are provided in the app). As for growing - you will need 5-10 minutes per week to trim/train your plants for maximum yield.

What considerations should I have when deciding where to place my LEAF device?

  • You must place your LEAF device on a leveled surface.

  • The LEAF device must be placed at least 8 inches from the back wall and at least 8 inches from the right wall.

What are the noise levels of LEAF?

When the climate system is working, there can be peak noise levels of 55 dB, similar to the sound of an air conditioner while running, and could be noticeable in a quiet environment.

Please take this into account when choosing where to place your LEAF.

What is the camera on the unit for?

The camera allows users to see how their grow is progressing. You can create time lapse videos and view a live stream of your grow. (feature coming Q2 2023 but hardware is already built in).

Can you turn the camera off?

You can turn the camera off at any time.

How is LEAF powered?

LEAF plugs into a regular wall socket. At peak LEAF runs at 7.5 amps

Does LEAF have Over the Air updates?

From time to time we will update the LEAF firmware and software. All updates are done over the air (wifi connection) and automatically! Your LEAF will continue to get better and better!


What type of hydroponics system does LEAF use?

LEAF utilizes a Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponics system

Do I need seeds or can I grow from seedlings?

LEAF allows you to grow from either seed or clone (seedling). We highly recommend starting from clone as this will ensure your highest chances of success as well as cut off several weeks from the grow time.

Can I get extra carbon filters and nutrients for LEAF?

Yes. You can purchase additional carbon filters and nutrients directly from us.

How much do supplies cost?

  • Nutrients cost $60 and Carbon Filters $60 as well.

  • Consumables need to be replenished every growing cycle (every 3 - 4 months).

  • LEAF buyers receive their first consumable package for free with the unit.

Can I use my own nutrients with LEAF?

If you want the LEAF system to work properly, it's important to use our nutrient cartridges. We have designed these cartridges and their formulas from the ground up to ensure optimal plant growth and seamless compatibility with the system's mechanics. Using other nutrients in the LEAF system can lead to issues, such as clogging or harming the pumps, and will void your warranty. Our nutrient cartridges are specifically created to provide excellent nutrition for your plants while maintaining the smooth operation of the system.

How long is the drying process?

The LEAF drying process typically takes between three and seven days. The old adage goes, the longer the dry the better.

Will my home smell? 

While using the LEAF system, any potential odors are significantly minimized thanks to the high-quality activated carbon filter, which has been engineered for the best airflow rate to maximize effectiveness. This real carbon filter, containing activated carbon, offers superior odor-neutralizing capabilities compared to basic carbon scrubbers found in many other systems.

It is important to note that opening the door may cause a temporary release of odors, so make sure to keep the door closed as much as possible. To maintain the effectiveness of the smell prevention, be sure to replace the carbon filter every 3-4 months.


Does LEAF require a Wi-Fi connection?

Yes. LEAF will requires a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi connection in order to be set up and work properly. If your Wi-Fi network is down for whatever reason, LEAF will work off the last grow recipe that was synced and will not ruin your grow, but will also not optimize the grow until you are connected to Wi-Fi again.

Does LEAF require a Bluetooth connection?

Yes. LEAF requires a Bluetooth 4.2 connection for setup only.

Can I control multiple LEAF units with one app?

At the moment you can only control one LEAF device with your app. We will launch the ability to control multiple devices on one app account in Q3 2023.

Is the app free?

Yes, the app and any updates to it will always be free!